Bonita Creek, Arizona

Welcome to Bonita Creek. Our home since 2001. Such a quiet and breathtaking place on this planet. After the Dude fire (24k acres) raged through the area in 1990 it has turned green again and left us with views to forever.

Since I’m a geek at heart, we have had a weather station and camera up there since we moved in. When we are away we like to peek in on the weather and views. And if it’s been snowing we want to see if we can get up the driveway. And this is our way of sharing…let others with homes at the base of the rim have a place to do their own peeking and planning.

We found a very interesting and complete history of the area compiled by Gila County. Enjoy the read. This can take a minute or more to load.

Bonita Creek Weather

Time: 1611758280
Temperature: 21.2° and feels like 19°
Humidity: 91% with dew point at 19%
Wind: 0.0 mph from 65° with gusts to 5.0 mph. Ten minute average 2.0 mph
Rain last hour: 0.00000″
Twenty four hours 0.00000″
This year 0.92000″
Bar: 30.186 with change of 20
Sunrise: 7:25 and Sunset: 17:50

More detail and history can be found on CWOP for AI7R (Bonita Station)

Chandler Weather

Temperature: 37.6° and feels like 38°
Humidity: 82% with dew point at 33%
Wind: 0.0 mph from 61° with gusts to 3.0 mph. Ten minute average 0.5 mph
Rain last hour: 0.00000″
Twenty four hours 0.02000″
This year 0.54000″
Bar: 30.248 with change of 20
Sunrise: 7:26 and Sunset: 17:55
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