CCD Antennas

We no longer make the CCD antennas…

July 17, 2015
We have verified a few times now that we can’t get the wire we were using to build the antennas before.  Yes, just about any 14 gauge wire could do the job, but not the way we were manufacturing them.  

So feel free to build your own.  We have the specs on the site of the dual band versions we were selling.


Dave, AI7R

JULY 30, 2015

Today we arranged for everything you need to build your own CCD.   A list of parts vendors as well as very detailed instructions.  One question everyone will have is, why don’t we just make a kit?  That’s as easy as a liability.  If we sold you a kit and it didn’t work we’d be somewhat responsible for helping you get it working.  So, we only provide you with detailed instructions to build your own and where to get the parts.

The best part is that Fred with FAR Circuits has agreed to supply the boards.  This is essential to making a CCD easily.  We will still sell the service kits as long as our supplies last, but if you want a full set of boards, Fred is your man!!  He was our supplier when we were manufacturing them.

So, here are the printable instructions.  You should read these as well as the more casual ramblings on this web page.